Zac Garby A photo of Zac Garby.

Hi! I'm Zac, a third-year Computer Science student at The University of Nottingham. I'm interested in programming languages (mostly functional ones) and how they can be made easier to use (e.g. interactive programming, clever type systems), plus things like program synthesis, holes, hole-filling, and anything else to do with incomplete programs. I'm also really interested in type theory. I'm pretty sure, in the future, dependently typed, interactive, functional programming languages will be the norm—but for the time being I will use Haskell for everything, instead.

I'm currently the President of HackSoc, and also the Graphics Officer. I used to be the Development Secretary. I was an organiser of HackNotts 2021, our annual hackathon (which actually happened in 2022,) and am currently the lead of HackNotts '23. Also, I'm really interested in music, and I play the guitar and the piano. I like to write music, too, but none of it is good enough to appear on this website (or any website, for that matter.)

Most of my old projects are completely unfinished, but feel free to have a look around my GitHub page nevertheless. There might also be some of my projects here.

If you want to contact me, the best way is probably through Discord, where I'm zacg#7868. Or, you can email me at .