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Guitar Keyboard

This site listens through your selected input device (if you have a guitar interface, I recommend you use that), and converts the raw PCM data first into frequency, averaged over a number of samples. These frequencies are converted into note indices, where going up one fret increases the index by one. These are averaged over a number of samples too, and the average is converted into its corresponding ASCII character.

Unless your guitar is tuned differently, the lowest note (open E) will be character code 65: "A". Although, it's very precarious so it might be something completely different. It seems to work better with a pick, too. I mean really, it's a bit rubbish - it doesn't work almost at all, but when it does it's quite cool :)

If you want to actually write something, the digits seem start on fret 2 on the E string and the capital letters start on the G string, fret 4. But again, this is very tempramental...

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