Network Over Rube-Goldberg Machine First Place & 'Communication' Prize

1 December 2021

Devpost submission

Our project for AstonHack7. Enter your bits into the Hyper Mainframe Interface, and watch the Rotational Actuation Manifold whizz up. Observe the spinning Quantum Rotational Code, and the buzz of the Autonomous Chromatic Semaphore. The flashing eye of the Imaging Matrix will aggregate all of this information, and send it to the Bio-informatic Terminal for your very own eyes to read. It’s just like magic!

In other words… What’s the most silly way to transmit a few bits of data? We think this project is just that. With a spinning QR code (“one” on one side and “zero” on the other); a servo-based semaphore system; and, many others, the Whimsical Transmission Apparatus is a monster of a project which attempts to send data from one breadboard to another in the least efficient way possible.

This project was really great fun, maybe one of my favourite of all the hackathons I’ve been to. Also, since we weren’t allowed to solder, a lot of the connections were made by twisting split-pins around wires, which was… fun. This was made by me, James, Jacob, and Oli.

Take a look at our Devpost for more detail and more silly descriptions of things.