Tomb of Avarris

1 October 2022

Devpost submission

Tomb of Avarris was a project I made at HackTheMidlands 7.0 with Oli, Jacob, and Caleb. We wanted to make a fun party game (along the lines of Jackbox) and really focus on interesting mechanics as well as polish (something I generally don’t put any thought into at all).

You start by picking a character, each of which has a different set of bonuses or features. The idea of the game, then, is that the group is presented with a series of challenges (such as “There’s a troll booth! How do you get past?” or “This door appears to be locked…”). You’ve got to come up with a creative solution based on your character and any items you’ve picked up or found along the way.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the level of polish we achieved with this one. It feels like something you could actually play, like as a real game, which is honestly not something I bother with very often.

Given this, it’s ironic that during our demo, the computer we were running the game on completely crashed and died, and as a result, we couldn’t actually show anybody anything… Oh well.

Our extended writeup is on our Devpost page, if you’re interested.